The Director's Message

Dr. Kamini Rao

Message from the Medical Director…..

Starting from the establishment of its first Centre in 1990, the BACC Healthcare Group has come to be known as a name synonymous with care, cutting edge technology and quality. With hi-tech innovations and state of the art technology it has developed into three highly specialized Centres offering the entire gamut of services for women’s health including Feto Maternal medicine, Infertility, Menopause and Genetics.

Kamini Rao is a name, that over the years has become synonymous with Infertility. Having ruled the field of Infertility for more than two decades, we ventured into the arena of hi tech pregnancy care and set up two more Centres which offer comprehensive healthcare for women not just during pregnancy and post delivery but also in pre pregnancy planning to ensure that your baby is a happy, healthy baby. When we designed our new maternity Centre, “Santhaana”, our goal was to enhance your birthing experience and make your journey through pregnancy the most memorable experience of your life. Our services for mothers-to-be, start before birth with a wide range of education, exercise and lifestyle modification classes that help prepare moms and dads for childbirth and beyond.

Kamini Rao Hospital at Jayanagar is a full fledged hospital catering to all aspects of women and child health. Its defining feature is a high tech neonatal intensive care unit where we ensure that babies are taken care of with the latest of cutting edge technology. The center has also made inroads in the fields of adolescent medicine and menopause thus offering medical and psychological support to women from womb to tomb.

A large complement of caring and compassionate staff at all three Centres competently integrate informal counseling into their respective specialties, thereby ensuring complete and confidential care to patients.

Investment in the latest technology, regular and continuous upgrading of facilities & equipment and a corporate philosophy of excellence all work towards one goal: the best care of our patients!!

Dr. Kamini A. Rao